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1983 Bombardier Lear 55 ZS-ELI
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1983 Bombardier Lear 55, Medical Rescue/Business Jet, Reg. No.: ZS-ELI


Aircraft Identification

Make: Bombardier
Model: Lear 55
Serial No: 55-084
Reg. No.: ZS-ELI
Yr. Mfg.: 1983
Configuration Business/Medical Rescue
Airframe Total Time: 10550
Landings: 8623
Last Flight: 26 June 2017



The aircraft was weighed on 21 January 2014 and has an empty weight of 13139 lbs. The MTOW is 21500 lbs.



Engine Ground Runs performed: by Tyrone Liebenberg and Steve Anderson. Currently as per engine manufacturers requirement and entered in A/C Tech Log.
Log Books of Aircraft Appear: Very good order. Some AVTRAK records for Line Replaceable Units (LRU) changes are not up-to-date. There are a larger number of Over Due items on AVTRAK, some of which are due to incorrect or outstanding feedback but most are now due.
Aircraft Flight Folio: The current aircraft flight folio was examined and it was noted that an error of 6000 hours as added to the aircraft utilisation record on folio 6672. Folio 6677 is the latest flight folio.
Comments after physical inspection: This aircraft is clean, presents well, and has a decent appearance. There are no oil or hydraulic fluid leaks noted. The cabin door, all baggage doors, panels, and hatches fit well. There is some damage to the escape hatch release catch.
The wing lights were found to be in a good condition. On the RH as well as LH fuselage looking back, the skin was smooth and no pressure bulging was observed. The nose cone was in a good condition with no delamination noted.
 Both Main Landing Gear brakes and tires were found serviceable.
The avionics suite is classic with no glass. it is complete and no instruments missing.
Current SACAA logbooks were viewed and appeared up to date. Honeywell TFE engine P-81958C was given an MPI by Dallas Airmotive in March 2017 and fitted in the left-hand engine position. This is not reflected in the airframe logbooks, neither is it reflected on AVTRAK. The aircraft’s Certificate of Airworthiness issued by the South African Civil Aviation Authority expires 30/01/2018 and all certificates required by the SACAA are up to date. The aircraft has also been enrolled on CAMP’s AVTRAK and the status revealed some overdue inspections and overdue components.


 Maintenance Status


Certificate of Release to Service: Current CRS is overdue. The CRS has been removed from the aircraft.
Next Inspection: Scheduled and unscheduled inspections are overdue. A number of these are because of incomplete feedback on AVTRAK. Should the record of those inspections be lost the inspections may need to be repeated.
Comments: This aircraft is maintained under SACAA regulations. The maintenance is not up to date.
Time Life Limited Systems: There are 1003 hour left on the generators and 1900 hours on a number of cables.
Cycle Life Limited Systems: The AVTRAK Life Limit/Overhaul Report was examined. The lowest cycle limit is 1323 on the RH engine. The LH engine cycles on this report are not valid as the engine was changed. The lowest airframe cycles left was for the undercarriage at 2810 landings.
Service Bulletin Status: There are no overdue Mandatory SB’s according to AVTRAK.
AD's Complied With: There are no overdue AD’s according to AVTRAK.
Estimated Cost for AD's Compliance: N/A
Tires Condition: Good
Brakes Condition: 60% life remaining.
Anti-Skid: Yes
Exterior Paint Condition: Average
Repaint Date: Unknown
Repainted By: Unknown
Comments: The paint is adhering well and has good lustre, but has some cracks and damage that is consistent with the age of aircraft.





Interior Condition:  Good
Cabin Configuration: Med Evac
Cockpit Condition: Below average
Panel Layout: Average
Pressurized Cabin: Yes
Window Condition: Some passenger windows damaged but serviceable.
Comments: The cabin interior is in a good condition.



Damage History
Current Damage: A LH Leading edge repaired by JQ Structures was noted in the SACAA airframe logbook




Engine Manufacturer: Honeywell
Model: TFE731-3AR-B2
Engine Type: Jet Turbine
Engine Fire Detection: Yes
Engine Fire Bottles: Yes



  Engine #1 Engine #2
Serial No: P-85198 P-85278
Time Since New: 8145 10943
Cycles Since New: 5639 8727
Hours to CZI: 1523 1633
Last CZI at: Garret Aviation Services EADS SECA
Time Between CZI: 4200 Hrs  
Hours to MPI: 1400 341
Time Between MPI: 1400 hrs  
Last MPI at: Dallas Airmotive EADS SECA





Full Panel: Yes
Dual Panel: Yes
Panel Configurations: Average
IFR Equipped: Yes




Flight Directors Dual Collins 329B-8Y Attitude Indicator
Autopilot FC-550
Radar Rockwell Collins IND-300, 4 colour
Comms Dual Collins VHF-20A
Navs Dual Collins VIR-30A
DME Dual Collins DME-40
ADF Dual Collins CTL-62
Transponders Unknown
Radar Altimeter Collins ALI-55
TCAS Colins TTR-920
GPS Unknown
FMS Universal SCN 1000



An inspection and inventory was conducted by a physical examination of the external surfaces of the aircraft, cockpit and passenger cabin. It includes an inventory and assessment of condition of avionics, instrumentation and aircraft systems. No inspection plates were removed for internal inspection. Further, the logbooks and other aircraft records were carefully examined for compliance with SACAA regulations relating to Airworthiness Directives, damage and maintenance history, along with other required inspections. The following extraordinary assumption was made. All aircraft records were assumed to be authentic, and unaltered unless specific comments indicate otherwise. Signatures attesting to and inspections detailed therein were assumed to be entered by persons designated and appropriately licensed to make the entries. 


Prospective Buyers Please Note:

Whilst every care has been taken to record the correct information we will not accept any bids unless the prospective purchaser has done due diligence on the aircraft and a complete verification of all recorded above. The onus rests with the prospective purchaser to view the aircraft at its current location and satisfy himself as to the state of the unit and whereabouts of all documentation prior to participating in the bidding process. The aircraft will be sold as is where is.  



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