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Brahma M99 90hp Screw Compressor
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Cummins Driver - Tamrotor Compressor


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Compressor: Gardner Denver / Tamrotor Enduro 25 Rotary Screw Compressor  

Engine:  Cummins G8.3, 6 cylinder natural gas engine. Net compression horsepower at site: 90 bhp @ 1800 rpm  

Fuel Gas Scrubber:  4” dia x 30”h - Provides clean, dry gas for engine consumption. In-line design enables liquids to automatically drain to discharge line.  

Gas After Cooler / Oil Cooler  Oil cooler / gas after-cooler, cools discharge gas to within 15°C of ambient temperature  

Suction Scrubber with Blow Case:  16” dia x 65” vertical separator. Designed with automatic drain tank / blow case feature to collect and automatically unload inlet liquids into discharge line.  

Discharge Oil/Gas Separator:  20”dia x 60”h with coalescing element  

Walk-in Building: with Sound Attenuated Walls 9’ x 15’ walk-in style building with thermal acoustic insulation and perforated aluminium wall liner. Design to provide superior sound attenuation.  

Control Panel:  Murphy Panel, Class I, DivII, w/ extensive monitoring & shutdowns to ensure safe and reliable operation. 

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http://energyauctions.ca/static/upload/liquidation/412/31407189_1.pdf - Brahma Brochure

http://energyauctions.ca/static/upload/liquidation/412/31407189_2.pdf - Drawings

http://energyauctions.ca/static/upload/liquidation/412/31407189_3.pdf - Drawings



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